Cait Strong (Barbiero), ND

The powerful answers and solutions Naturopathic medicine provides changed Dr. Cait Strong’s life and inspired her to obtain her medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. Now Dr. Cait creates holistic health programs for motivated patients looking for root-cause resolution. Using detox, nutrition, botanicals, homeopathy, and mental-emotional therapies, she guides her patients to the tools they need to reduce or eliminate symptoms without pharmaceutical medications. Dr. Cait has a special interest in helping kids who have chronic immune and developmental disorders such as PANS/PANDAS, autism, and tick borne disease. When she is not busy seeing patients and building online health programs, Dr. Cait enjoys being outside and traveling with her husband. Last year Dr. Cait was awarded the top Naturopathic Doctor in Connecticut by the reader’s choice survey in Natural Nutmeg magazine.

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