Cait Strong (Barbiero), ND

The powerful answers and solutions Naturopathic Medicine provides changed Dr. Cait Strong’s life and inspired her to become a Naturopathic Doctor. After two and a half years and seeing hundreds of patients at ProNatural Physicians Group, Dr. Cait will be leaving in May 2019 to focus on her family. She is no longer accepting new patients. Dr. Cait is grateful for the experience she had at ProNatural and to all of her patients for allowing her the privilege to serve them over the years. If you are a patient and there is anything that needs to be addressed before her departure or if she can offer a recommendation to another provider, please call to schedule an appointment with her between now and May 10th. She will be available to see patients in the Berlin office of ProNatural on the following days:

April 10th (Weds), April 17th (Weds), May 1st (Weds), May 10th (Friday).

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