Sniff, sniff. A-choo!

If you suffer from seasonal allergies and would like to try a natural remedy to eliminate your symptoms, nature has one sweet remedy for you – local honey. A taste of honey daily can help to desensitize your immune system from the environmental elements that drive you crazy in the spring, summer and fall. It really is that simple. The honey should not be pasteurized, and most local honey isn’t.

Don’t place the honey in any liquid that is too hot to drink. Begin consuming doses any time of year, but preferably before the allergy season, to prevent the onset of symptoms. This works naturally because the bees bring back elements from the local environment to the hive that then end up in the honey. A small dose of the honey contains a smaller dose of the allergens, presented to the immune system naturally though the gut. The gut is where our immune system expects to be presented with elements from the outside world and to learn which it should react to and which it should not. By presenting a minuscule dose of allergens that don’t cause any harm, the body figures out that it no longer needs to react to the harmless element, and the allergic reaction process no longer occurs.

Here’s a great list of places where you can purchase local Connecticut honey: List or check with a local farmer, orchard or health food store.

If your allergies don’t respond to this form of desensitization, NDs have other additional methods to help desensitize the patient using oral drops for specific allergens. This is, of course, if you actually have allergies to the environment. There are many allergens that can affect our health besides the great outdoors. Food sensitivities are very common. These may be indicated if the patient has year-round allergy symptoms or other symptoms like chronic rashes, headaches or sinusitis that seem to be unrelated to anything. There are also the indoor allergies like dust and mold that people suffer from. Many of the problematic allergens have tests that can determine which the patient is actually reacting to. With or without testing, your Naturopathic Physician can help you with an individual treatment plan for relief of allergy symptoms and desensitization. Call us! (860) 829-0707

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